We offer you the best plans

La Casa de los Naranjos has carefully selected a series of experiences for you to enjoy Lanzarote in a unique and different way.

Weekend under full sail

Three days of sailing along the east coast of Lanzarote to the island of Lobos aboard a classic sailboat to live unique experiences. The waters surrounding the Canary Islands are, due to their climate and wind conditions, the perfect place to get started or improve your sailing skills. The pleasure of getting to know Lanzarote and its surroundings under sail is indescribable.

Enjoy a weekend of tranquillity with wine tastings and gastronomic pairings, dips in the ocean, walks through coves and protected natural spaces and the vision of the starry sky as you had never imagined.

La Graciosa:
the eighth paradise

Get to know the most hidden corners of the smallest of the inhabited islands on foot, topped off with the best fresh fish you can imagine. La Graciosa is the only inhabited island of the Chinijo Archipelago. The visit is a journey to a past marked by fishing and sailing. You will discover the charm of Caleta de Sebo, its small capital with streets of jable, small traditional restaurants and low houses with white walls and blue woodwork. The journey through its winding orography is a unique sensory experience.

Organic wines and organics

A journey into the heart of the agricultural tradition for authentic experiences. In Lanzarote, the products of the land are born as a result of the ancestral knowledge of the synergies of the sun, the wind, the fertile soil, the morning mists and the volcanic ashes. Despite the harsh climatic conditions, the island's farmers were able to create a landscape of crops in the shelter of the sands, the stone souks, the terraces and the crevices of the cliffs. The result is an original raw material of unquestionable quality.

Toast on the high seas

An unforgettable immersion in the wines of Lanzarote aboard a luxury yacht. Lanzarote's coastline is as unique as its territory, a delicate interweaving of coves, cliffs, fortified islets and sparkling bays that yield their volcanic black colour to the most turquoise of marine blues. The traveller who wishes to enter the heart of the island cannot miss this route, an invitation to enjoy the sun, the breeze and the wine after a swim in the Atlantic or a dive in its exciting seabed.

Visit to 2 wineries

The wine-growing area of La Geria offers unique and unforgettable experiences. Its vineyards are born among ash and lava, caressed by the trade winds. The centenary, singular and pre-phylloxera volcanic Malvasia grape, adapted to an almost desert-like land, gives the wines a unique character. Let yourself be impressed by a lunar landscape that is unique in the world, declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, and discover the best kept secrets of local viticulture under the guidance of professional oenologists and producers.

Sensory Tasting

A visit to Lanzarote is not complete without an immersion in its rich and original wines. Agora Experiences offers an educational tasting, with a very didactic methodology, where you will learn to recognise and classify the aromas that you can find in the wines and you will be able to taste, with an oenologist, the best wines of the island.

Lanzarote Inland

A day of ethnographic exploration of the volcano's villages, their traditional gastronomy and unique wines. Unique experiences of landscapes, aromas and flavours. If you are a lover of traditional KM0 gastronomy, if you like to delve into the flavours, products and local cuisines, if you don't give up the adventure of challenging your senses and your food, with good wine, with the friendliness of the people and a spring temperature, don't miss this tour through the heart of the island.