La Casa de los Naranjos, a building listedas a Monumental in the Heritage Register of the Cabildo de Lanzarote,
which we have refurbished while preserving all its essence to convert it into aunique Emblematic Hotel in Lanzarote.

The Library

The library is undoubtedly the most outstanding space in the house, the first of its kind on the island of Lanzarote, and unique for a long time. It is remarkable for its large number of volumes from the 19th century, referring to various disciplines in a space with unquestionable charm.

The Salon

The living room has been kept as it was originally designed and occupies a prominent area of the house as its two large windows overlook the south-facing façade, providing plenty of light throughout the day.

The Reception

Traditionally it has been the "cabinet", a room attached to the entrance hall which was used as an office and where professional visitors were received.

The Dining Room

Originally conceived for this use, it has two beautiful showcases that housed the house's crockery and two large doors that connect it to the courtyard.

The rooms

The rooms are arranged around the courtyard, which, through its seven windows, provides light to the interior of the building and is also used to receive the rainwater that falls on the roof.

The cistern

Under the courtyard is a beautiful space crowned by arches of large stones that has historically been used as a water reservoir for the house's own consumption.